"Free" Shipping

We now offer "Free" shipping. And by free we mean we increased our prices and built the cost of shipping into the individual products. Apparently it makes people feel better when things are "free". So if shit seems pricey, well it is but we are also small so we cant afford bulk discounts andddd I'm done justifying. We have the best fuckin sauce and whatever else we decide to sell, so fuck off. And pay up.

We Care So you Don't Have To

Each of our bottles allocates a percentage from your purchase to charities related to the bottles name/ theme. This is a marketing ploy, not a philanthropic goal or statement. SO pat yourself on your back for buying from a small company that gives back and ignore the homeless guy at the intersection while you pretend to look for something in the seat next to you.

The Great Doctor

The Great Doctor spent many years obsessed over finding the perfect flavorful heat and rich cuisine oriented sauces to satisfy his lust for something better than the garbage you can pick up at any grocery store. And With 15+ years of what can only be described as culinary Godliness in Kitchens the Doc finally decided to make his own sauce available to you.

You Are Welcome